The Danani Bridal Collection

February 01, 2014

Danani, bohemian at heart but in love with all things glamorous. You could not pin my inspiration at one point on a timeline, everything vintage speaks to me and each piece in the collection was inspired by the most fashionable women of a bygone eras. Whether the vintage voice is literal or subdued every Danani piece down to the last detail radiates timeless one of a kind style, meant to be a representation of you on your wedding day or for your special occasion. Find the newest collection featured on Burnett's Boards and Love My Dress, here and here. Shop the entire bridal collection here!

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Featured: Burnett's Boards Collection Unveiling

January 31, 2014

I am so delighted to share with you today's post on Burnett's Boards! The lovely Sara has shared such kind words about the new Danani collection and did such a wonderful 

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