♥Dani Hagemeister designs and handmakes all of the pieces at DANANI. She began designing and creating at a very young age and started making jewelry and hairpieces to fill a gap in her wardrobe after not being able to find swoon worthy pieces in stores. Whenever an idea comes to her she sketches it out, complete with color and notes. From concept to creation she is always modifying her designs to perfection. Perfection, however, is sometimes very far from the original. She calls these 'happy accidents'. Her 

favorite pieces are born from found objects, remnants, and 'happy accidents'. She is always inspired by unique textures, materials, and colors, and when the mood strikes you just can't stop her from creating.  Not wanting to keep it all to herself she established DANANI, so that people like her could get their hands on her inspired pieces. Dani translates everyday fashion into outstanding adornments, because of this you know you can come to her for the most forward thinking accessories.  Constantly 
inspired by her wardrobe and yours she focuses on creating the best adornments to compliment a variety of  styles, and as always something you won't find anywhere else.
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