Product Care

We use many different materials to make our handmade adornments. Below are some tips to take care of our most popular materials. 

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  • Avoid water. 
  • Never spray hairspray or hair products on or around your feather adornments. 
  • If your feathers get static cling pull a dryer sheet over them gently to remove the cling. 
  • To avoid dust, store in an enclosed area. If needed you can dust gently with a duster or use a blow dryer on the low and cool settings. 
  • When handling your pieces don't bend the shaft of the feather as this can permanently bend or break it. Be careful not to pull fibers from the feathers so they keep full body. 
  • If your piece is dimensional and curves one way or another take care to store it so they're not flattened with time. 
  • When storing, keep feathers from creasing by providing plenty of room around the piece. You can do this by providing support with tissue paper shaped similar to the curve of your head. 
  • Avoid extreme heat so feathers do not become creased or misshapen. 
  • Always hang your feather earrings to avoid accidental damage. 

Some feathers are more resilient than others, if you have questions about any particular feathers please feel free to contact me. 

Sequins, beads, rhinestones 

  • Avoid spraying hairspray on or around sequins and rhinestones. 
  • If sequins, beads or rhinestones become dirty gently wipe clean with damp fabric cloth taking care not to scratch them. 
  • Avoid putting excessive pressure on rows of beads. 
  • Take care not to snag or scratch jewels especially those attached over the top of feathers. 


  • If leather becomes creased carefully iron on low between a pressing cloth. 
  • Avoid water. 
  • Always hang your leather earrings to keep from being accidentally creased.