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Veil Samples

When you purchase this listing you will be receiving sample color swatches of the veiling material for your veil of choice! Choose the letter of the veil you would like samples for, you will receive all of the color options for that letter. Your purchase will include a $5 code to be redeemed for $5 off your future veil purchase.

A. #301 Drop Veil

#302 Sheer Juliet Veil (White, Natural White, Pale Ivory, Ivory, Blush)

B. #304 Beaded Scallop Juliet Veil (Ivory)

C. #305 Ostrich & Lace Juliet Cap (White, Ivory)

D. #306 Art Deco Tulle Headpiece (White, Ivory, Dove Gray)

E. #307 Lace Juliet Cap

#308 Lace Juliet Veil (Pale Ivory, Buttercream)

F. #319 Point D'Esprit Circle Drop Veil (Natural White, Ivory)

G. #321 Gossamer Drape Veil (Crushed: Ivory, White, Blush, Black)

H. #321 Gossamer Drape Veil (Smooth: White, Pale Ivory, Ivory, Black)

I. #322 English Net Drop Veil (White, Natural White, Pale Ivory {bouquet only}, Ivory, Black)

J. #323 Organza Point Drop Veil (White, Ivory, Blush)

If you need color swatches for more than one type of material above please purchase more than one sample.

Some of our limited edition veils will not have fabric samples available or the sample will be a remnant cutting, if no exact swatch is available I will send you a nearly identical color match in it's place. 

All samples are sent by First Class Mail, domestic samples arrive with in 5-7 days and international samples may take up to 4 weeks.